About us


¿Who we are?

We are a group of people who are committed to fomenting life, growing nature in all its diversity and improving the life quality of people most in need.

We think that if there are things happening on Earth that we do not like, instead of complaining or shrugging our shoulders, it is best to use this impulse to do our bit in the opposite direction, to foment life. By planting a tree, we plant life.


Guardianes de vida

When someone who has their basic needs covered travels to a developing area such as the Amazon rainforest, they experience a huge contradiction. On one hand, they experience and enjoy an incredible natural setting, rich in diversity and full of life. On the other, they feel trauma for a forest that is disappearing along with all the animals that live in it. Furthermore, they see the difficulties its inhabitants face so as to meet their basic needs: drinking water, enough food year round, decent health care and education.

Experiencing the tremendous inequality and deprivation that people in this world are experiencing today is the reason why we decided to begin this journey to help out.

Trabajamos de forma voluntaria y el 100% de los ingresos van destinados a los proyectos.

No hay sueldos o salarios asignados a nosotros, la organización.

Optimizamos los recursos para que no haya gastos innecesarios de forma que a los proyectos llegue cuanto más mejor.


Our aims are to:

  • Plant trees where they have been felled to restore the biodiversity in those areas.
  • Help indigenous peoples living between two worlds. On one hand, they have their ancestral customs and way of life while on the other, hectic modern life with a lifestyle based on over-consumption, with no clear values, where it seems that material values come foremost, a world where the natural setting is being depredated.
  • Provide all necessary resources for indigenous peoples to reforest their lands. In return, we take care of their basic needs: Educational, health and nutritional needs, while reinforcing their culture and traditions.
  • Help children in need who do not have the basics of life.


We work on a voluntary basis and 100% of the income goes to the projects. No salaries or wages are assigned to us, the organisation. We optimise resources, ensuring there are no unnecessary costs, so the more resources that reach those projects, the better. Financial data is available for members to see how well we are using our resources.